Hello, I'm Amanda I'm 16 and I kinda have a niche for fashion and art. I also have a love for playing video games!

I'm Flex, I'm also 16! I love art as well, music, and trying not to sound like Amanda because I fucking love video games and fashion.

Good morning (it's morning somewhere), I'mJenna! I enjoy meeting new people, photography, vibrant colors, and art. Let's be friends, yes?

Hi, I'm Aiya. I like... stuff. Click, clack, heels.

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June 10th
May 26th We Are J+CO (by Enocha T.)
May 26th BOW BANDEAU (by Justyna G)
May 26th Pink & Yellow (by Trishka .)
May 26th Janglin’ (by Luna Nova)
May 20th aiyuhkatreenuh:

Checks! (by Prisca E.)
May 20th SILVER (by Alana Ruas)
May 2nd aiyuhkatreenuh:

Fairytale Nude (by Ruxandra Ioana)
May 1st Magical spring (by Donia Love)
May 26th
May 18th
May 16th
May 13th
May 13th
May 13th